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A south European wine making excellence in its purest form

Tikveš Winery mission is to create an opportunity for all wine lovers anywhere in the world, to be able to enrich any social occasion with the inimitable experience of Tikveš wines and share our passion for life.

They have a penchant go beyond expectations, to embrace innovation and conquer for life.

Words of Svetozar Janevski: President of the Management Board

"In 2003 we undertook a transformation in our professional life. I was determined to pursue continuous improvement. From that moment to the present, I have been devoted to the idea that the colours of this country, its people, its landscape, music and aromas, should all be reflected and communicated in our Macedonian product. All that our painters and musicians have strived to capture in their art, we at Tikveš have attempted to capture in our wines.

In our wines you can feel the mystery of the fogginess and the morning dew in the Barovo valley, the surreal silence of Bela Voda (вода, voda. Eng. water) and the sandy slopes and warm breeze in Lepovo.

If we managed to capture these qualities and if you can truly feel them, it means that we have succeeded in delivering to you, as wine lovers, our dream and vision for Tikveš and our wines."


We pick every grape on our vineyards by hand. Grape by grape

Tikveš wines grow on sun drenched vineyards, nurtured with lots of love and made and bottled by top experts in the wine industry worldwide. The awards that our wines get are the ultimate proof of our dedication to the highest quality.


135 years of stories to tell

The winemaking tradition in Macedonia and the Tikveš region is long for centuries. Since the times of the Roman Empire it has been written that Macedonia produces amazingly powerful wines with a scent of the vibrant south, the taste of songs and laughter of the people living in this region.

Countless hardworking and skillful wine-growers from the past and the present have been part of the birth of the long winemaking tradition in our country, especially in the region of Tikveš. The immense emerge and promotion of our fine wines all around the world is the result of the significant contribution of the visionaries at Tikveš Winery.

The supreme wines which are the result of a perfect synergy of our vineyards, the sky, the sun and the best grape varieties from the Tikveš region, alongside with state-of-the-art technology and knowledge of wine-masters, proudly create Tikveš Winery.

Since 1885, it is the symbol of the centuries-long winemaking tradition, the largest and most awarded winery in South Eastern Europe and beyond.

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